London, UK

London, UK


14+ years

This destination allows young people to have an educational experience in an international context. They will be confronted with a new linguistic and cultural reality, but protected by the attentive presence of our staff, who constantly monitor all aspects of the stay, making sure that the didactic and organisational objectives are achieved. These are individual departures in order to achieve the language objectives more effectively.


The school is located in Balham, in London's South-West just 15 minutes from central London. Placement in an international environment, excursions, language course on specific topics and sports and cultural activities.

The educational programme also offers the possibility of choosing themed courses.

Theme courses:

  • English for Human Resources
  • English for Law
  • English for Marketing
  • English for Medicine
  • English for the Oil and Gas Industry
  • English for Teachers
  • English for Tourism

What our proposal includes:

  • 2 weeks full boarding
  • 30 hours of lessons
  • Daily and evening excursions
  • Textbooks/certificate of attendance
  • Return airport transfer limited to specific arrival times

What does our proposal include?

  • Stay in a residence

  • Family stay

  • 2 weeks full boarding

  • Daily activities sport and adventure

  • Evening activities (sport & entertainment)

  • Return airport transfer limited to specific arrival times (for individuals)

  • Teaching materials

  • Certificate of attendance

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