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Surrey, White Rock


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14-18 years old

The location

The Surrey School District is located in the Vancouver metropolitan area and is one of the most innovative and forward-thinking districts in the province of British Columbia.Surrey, "the city of parks," is home to more than 200 parks and six distinct town centers divided into rural and suburban districts. The small town of White Rock is a beautiful coastal community offering long beaches, oceanfront shopping, and upscale restaurants. Both communities are welcoming and family-oriented, offering a wide range of arts, cultural and sports activities.

Many state-of-the-art sports centers, one of the largest shopping malls in the country, and an excellent transportation network. Public transportation connects Surrey to Vancouver, allowing international students to enjoy the benefits of a metropolitan city.

School Offerings and Sports

The Surrey district promotes a form of teaching that enables students to develop creative and critical thinking, as well as communicate competently and demonstrate care for themselves and others.

Surrey's schools allow international students to choose from a 'wide range of academic and elective courses. Each school offers modern laboratories with state-of-the-art equipment. Students enjoy a variety of recreational options, may they develop their creativity or try something new Surrey, in fact, offers workshops in ceramics, sculpture, metalwork, writing workshops, directing, and dance or theater performance. Courses in photography, video production and broadcasting, mechanics and carpentry; fashion workshops, baking, robotics in addition to music and orchestra classes.

For those attending one year, a plan of study useful for graduation can be provided if the student is able to meet requirements and credits.

Students can also participate in amateur or competitive sports teams to enrich their curriculum and develop sports skills, teamwork and leadership.

If a sport is not offered at one of the schools, there are many centers where all kinds of sports can be played in both Surrey and White Rock.

Leisure Time

In addition to clubs, school teams and in-school activities, international students will have the opportunity to participate in dedicated activities throughout the year. The District offers trips or short trips (additional fees apply) to visit places such as Victoria, the Rocky Mountains, or trips to go to the ski/snowboard slopes of the Okanagan Mountains. School activities include: hiking, kayaking, bowling, ice skating, movie nights, museums, bike tours in Vancouver's Stanley Park, and more!

Homestay accommodation

The Surrey area is a growing area with families living in new, residential neighborhoods close to schools.

The district relies on certified agencies to select host families, who receive support and guidance to prepare for hosting.

Assignment of students to the family will take into account the profile of the students to provide a good match.

Families are carefully selected, and must provide a safe, clean and comfortable living environment, as well as a single room, meals and study space (e.g., desk).

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