F1 Selective Seeds

Various districts

Arizona, Iowa, Michigan, Idaho, Utah


School Year, Semester

Host Family

14-18 years old

The location

Districts participating in this program are usually located in central states (including Arizona, Iowa, Michigan, Idaho, Utah), in medium-sized or medium-small communities, and have an interest in bringing cultural diversity to their schools.

The High School Semi-selective (F-1) program is a program that enjoys more advantageous rates than the selective programs. The student can give a preference for certain districts proposed by the American organization, thus remaining flexible since the final placement will be confirmed based on the student's profile and the available districts (from a pre-selected list) at the discretion of the American organization.

School Offerings and Sports

International students are assigned a school 'grade' according to their year of birth, educational background,or English level.

Students have access to all facilities on the school campus: auditorium, laboratories, music rooms, media center, library, cafeteria, gymnasium, sports facilities. Larger schools have more offerings in terms of both educational subjects and facilities than smaller schools.

International students may participate in school sports; in some cases restrictions apply depending on individual state regulations. Entry into a sports team may depend on selections by the school's coaches and 'try outs'.

Leisure Time

Students can attend extracurricular activities offered by the school, do activities with their host families, organize with classmates, and participate in school and community proposals or on-site coordinators.

The U.S. organization may suggest travel opportunities within the U.S. (extra costs apply) with agencies that specialize in student travel.

Homestay accommodation

Host families are a very important part of the American high school experience. Our partners select families by looking for the best match between student and host family.

Because the United States is multicultural, American families can represent many realities by cultural, religious or educational background. Host families may consist of a single parent, a couple with children or without, older (empty nester) or younger. Each family will have its own lifestyle.

Some families choose to host two or three international students (of different nationalities).

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