Ireland Itinerant +18

All around

1 to 3 weeks


Travelling Program is the only accredited traveling language school in the world. You travel and discover Ireland and its culture with our teachers and Talk Jockeys. A TJ (TALK JOCKEY) is a native English-speaking student who spends time outside of class with the group. At the end of morning classes, students eat lunch with the TJs and other students. Afternoons they practice what they have learned while visiting breathtaking landscapes or discovering new cities with our qualified guides. After dinner they can interact with Irish people and immerse themselves in the cozy atmosphere of traditional Irish pubs. The Travelling Program is a full immersion course organized to ensure students achieve maximum results. Students are incentivized to speak English 24/7! Duration: Two/three weeks Age: 18+ Levels: B1 to B2 Number of class hours: 40 hours B&B or Half Board: Stay in hotels/hostels, Talk Jockey (TJ - tutor): Minimum 1 for every 5 students Shuttle service to and from the airport

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